Bananas In Coconut Milk, Thai Dessert Recipe

Thai Dessert, Recipe For Bananas In Coconut Milk Thai Food Dish

Many lovers of Thai food like to try their hand at making popular Thai food dishes. The Thai bananas in coconut milk dessert is one such popular Thai food dish. Since some Thai food recipes do not clearly explain the type of bananas to be used, confusion often prevails. For example, many foreigners trying to make this very famous Thai dessert do not know if the bananas to be used should be ripe or raw. To get the best flavor for your bananas in coconut milk dish, you will need to understand a few things about the bananas. Firstly, these are a special variety of small bananas. Regarding being ripe or raw, let us say that the bananas need to be semi-ripe. The amount of sugar that will be mentioned in this Thai dessert recipe presumes that the bananas are neither too soft nor too sweet. However if you are going to use ripe bananas when making this Thai dish, make sure that you reduce the amount of sugar in the dish. You might also need to adjust the cooking time for the bananas if they are ripe and soft. When you want to cook Thai food, there is something more important than the ingredients. You will need to find a simple and easily understandable recipe. Armed with this information, you can increase your chances of creating some awesome Thai food dishes. Check out details of these famous Thai desserts at