• Thai Pottery, Artistry And Utility Of Pottery From Thailand

    Thai Pottery, Traditional Asian Pottery From Thailand
    hai pottery today retains much of the traditional elements present in pottery that was made centuries ago. It cannot be denied that the origin of pottery in every civilization including Thailand, originated from a necessity. People needed pottery to store food, pickle fish and vegetables and store water. Thai pottery developed into an art as artisans spent hours and days to decorate various types of pottery. The luxurious bencharong pottery from Thailand with it's amazing hand painted designs and gold tone highights, is ra good example. With it's origins in royal homes and palaces, it is no surprise that no effort was spared to make benjarong pottery useful and attractive. But artisans gave equal important to simpler forms of pottery from Thailand, baked clay urns and jars were also decorated with stupendous designs although, color was not such a prominent element in these designs. Designs were etched into or cut in relief on clay pottery before they were completely dried and baked. The Ratchaburi province located around 100km from Bangkok, has always been famous for it's large water urns and pickle jars made from locally available mud and clay.

    Pottery suppliers from Thailand today cater to international markets. Products are adapted to international requirements and quality standards are strictly adhered to. Package and brand has also found an important role in the development of Thai pottery exports. Our report on Thai Traditional Pottery, briefly traces the evolution of pottery from Thailand. Give it a read and share the link with anyone you might think would be interested. 

  • Khanom Chan, The Traditional Recipe To Make Your Own Thai Green Layered Sweet Dessert

    Khanom Chan, Thai Dessert Recipe

    Khanom chan the traditional Thai food dish has been known for a very long time. In the early days, this green Thai sweet was made to mark special occasions. Modern cooks have gradually revised the traditional recipe that was originally used to make khanom chan. While this is sometimes done to accommodate the lack of availability of certain ingredients, changes are often made to add visual colors to the Thai dessert and even to give it a 'louder' smell and flavor. Most of you who enjoy cooking Thai food would do so because you love the taste and flavor of AUTHENTIC Thai food. So new developments like colorful artificial coloring agents and fancy vanilla and strawberry essence are unlikely to impress you.

    While it is true that, Kaisilver business interests vest in fine custom jewelry and not food and beverages, we do care about traditional customs in Thailand. We have therefore put together the authentic version of the Thai Khanom Chan Recipe. This obviously means that, the ingredients listed to make the Thai layered sweet dessert are traditional too. If you wish to try your hand at cooking Thai food, this is one Thai food recipe that you should not miss. 

  • Feng Shui, Useful Suggestions Related To Feng Shui For Your Home


    Feng shui in the house. Getting feng shui to attract positive energies into your home.

    Feng shui is the concept of maintaining the right relationship with the environment. Your home is an important place in your life, feng shui attaches a lot of significance to the rooms in a house and also the objects kept in each room. With the belief that there are positive and negative energies around us, feng shui shows the way to attract and retain positive energies. At the same time, it also encourages us to keep away negative energies or drive them away if they have entered our home. Feng shui for your home and feng shui in general is not about religion. The idea of practising feng shui is to lead a life of peace and harmony.

    The above image is an example where feng shui concepts would apply. You have an untidy pile of books. This is a scene that can often be seen in the hall room of many people. Keeping books where the family members and visiting guests can easily access them is considered to be very good. However, feng shui explains that a heap of books does more damage than good. Members of the family could become serious and stressed for no apparent reason. Peace of mind might be hard to find, and life itself might seem to be a burden. The solution to the issue of piled books is not very complex. Feng shui would advise us to keep only a few books in the room and to make sure that they are well arranged. A book shelf or cabinet could be made use of. The rest of the books could be stored away in some the right place.

    The above examples of books is not the only way in which feng shui concepts could be implemented at home. Simple things like the position in which the clock is hung or, the view outside a window of your house could all be geared to encourage the entry of good energies into the house. These energies would then provide good health and peace of mind to the members of the house. Our report on feng shui at home, will enlighten you with more feng shui issues related to the house. The entire collection of feng shui reports, will interest many of you.

  • Thai Vegetarian Food, Tips And Suggestions For Vegetarian Food In Thailand


    vegetarian thai food

    Thai vegetarian food can be exciting and innovative. When we talk about veg food in Thailand, we could be referring to two types of vegetarian food. You might want to try some typical thai food dishes made in vegetarian style. The other option would be to eat international food (Italian,Indian,French etc) in Thailand that is veg. It is obvious that trying to cook your own vegetarian Thai food will give you more variety and options. Since most Thais are non-vegetarians, finding veg food in Thailand can require some effort. If you are staying in one of the main cities in Thailand or in a hotel nearby, specific food requirements not pose a problem. It is also the language barrier that can make things a bit tough.

    While most restaurants serve non-vegetarian Thai food, some of them do have a separate section for Thai veg dishes. If you are lucky enough to be in such a situation, make the the most of it. Restaurants that have classified items as vegetarian will surely have them made in strictly vegetarian form. Thai restaurants that do not have a separate vegetarian menu might be willing to specially make a veg meal for you but, you need to be sure of certain things. If you are very strict about the food being vegetarian make sure that, the person taking your order understands that. It is not uncommon for vegetarian food to include, eggs, fish sauce and sometimes even types of seafood!

    When it comes to Thai vegetarian food there is one suggestion that we would like to make. Besides the simple veg soup, sauteed vegetables and veg fried rice, you can try something different. Popular Thai food dishes like som-tum, tom khaa, kaeng khio waan etc can also be made in vegetarian style. You will surely find restaurants who can do this for you and if, you have a mind for adventure - you could even cook some of these Thai vegetarian food dishes for yourself.

    You could ofcourse, go for international cuisine in vegetarian format too. Foreign restaurants are many in Thailand, the staff are very likely to understand English, so the language barrier disappears. Many foreigners who are particular about vegetarian food in Thailand, make their way to Indian and Italian restaurants. These are two types of eating places where you are almost certain to get vegetarian food. There are quite a few Indian restaurants in Thailand (especially in Bangkok) where ONLY vegetarian food is served.

    We have more suggestions for Thai veg food at have a look and be better prepared for your trip to the wonderful country.

  • Yin Yang Meaning, What Does The Yin Yang Mean - Is It Relevant Today

    Yin Yang Meaning, Relevance Of Yin Yang In Todays World

    The Meaning Of Yin Yang

    The yin yang symbol is recognized all over the world. Related to Feng Shui, yin yang refers to two dynamic forces that are different and yet reside next to each other. A look at the above yin yang symbol will reveal two starkly different colors - black and white. Notice that the though constrained in their own positions, the black and white seem to be revolving and flowing into each other. This is to imply that they are not fixed or static, they are dynamic and can change positions. Another interesting thing about the yin yang symbol are the two spots, a black spot in the white portion and a white spot in the black portion.

    With the brief explanation about the symbol let us move deeper into the meaning of the yin yang, this will allow us to interpret and include it in our daily lifestyle. The Yin in the symbol is the white portion, it represents a cool and relaxed mind set and can be interpreted as a few other things too. While the Yang (black portion) represents heat, activity and summer - the yin signifies cold, relaxation and winter. Having said that it is important to understand that neither the yin nor the yang is made up of just 1 single element, there is always a small portion (however small) of the other.

    Back to today's world - you are at work, and have a challenging assignment on hand. There is lots at stake and you do not want to get this messed up. The effort involved is going to be worth the benefits that success brings. You work late hours, tough meetings, flying tempers, manage staff moods - you are ACTIVE, the Yang force in you is at it's peak during this time. Now, the end of the day, you are tired and need some rest, the tough routine starts tomorrow - you need to get some sleep, relax and feel re-charged, you need the Yin mode to make this happen. This is the precise meaning of yin yang, the yin or the yang state is not forever, it keeps changing positions.

    Lets look at another real life example. Your business is doing great, revenues and profits sound good - you go on a massive expansion plan, more people, more office and factory space, more expenses on advertising and infrastructure - this is the Yang force pushing you push ahead. Listen to the Yin in you, there could be something that slows down revenues and margins. This is not meant to discourage positive thought and forward planning. It could just warn you and suggest alternate options - should the expansions be made more slowly, should you try to improve internal efficiency in terms of staff productivity, space usage and expense control. In general things seem to be going great, so the Yang factor is strong and active - however the minor Yin factor should not be ignored.

    The important thing to understand is that, yin yang is not about religion. You can harness the belief and tradition of yin yang to wok for you, everyday and for every activity. Some people like to keep a poster of the yin yang symbol near their work place or even at home. Others wear yin yang jewelry, something to keep reminding them to take a more balanced view of life. The Kaisilver mens Yin Yang Ring, has drawn tremendous interest among modern men. The fact that, it is custom made in gold or 925 silver makes it suitable for a wide range of budgets. Our support experts at will be glad to answer any queries or doubts that you might have.

  • Thai Satay, Suggestions For Meat Options When Making Satay Sticks.


    Thai Satay, Suggestions To Make Meat Satay

    Thai Satay, Meat Options And Suggestions

    In this brief report we will provide some tips and suggestions for processing the meat to make Thai satay. This very popular Thai food dish is not hard to make if, you have the right satay recipe and some background information on following the steps mentioned in the recipe. Kaisilver has published what is regarded as the most comprehensive and authentic recipe for Thai satay, and satay sauce. Before you access this Thai food recipe from the link given below, we would suggest that you read some of these few tips mentioned below.

    Meat Options: The above satay sticks image shows a set of pork satay skewers or sticks, next to a bowl of delicious satay sauce. The fact is that you have a few meat options when making your satay. Pork, chicken and even beef are often used to cook satay. The satay recipe will remain almost the same irrespective of the meat selected.

    Meat Pieces: Foreign Thai food recipe books often recommend that the length of the meat be quite large. Since the Kaisilver custom jewelry team is based on Thailand, we will follow more authentic procedures and dimensions when working with the meat pieces. The Thais love their satay to have a length of around 2 to 2.5 inches and a width of around 1 inch. What is more important is the thickness of each meat slice that is to be threaded on the stick or skewer. Let the thickness be around 0.5cm to 0.6cm, this is the ideal thickness for cooking the meat. Cutting the meat slices too thin, could get them burnt on the grill. You might also find it tough to thread thin meat slices on the sticks. On the other hand, keeping the meat slices too thick could require too much cooking time. It is also possible that the thick meat slices could burn on the surface while still being uncooked inside.

    Marinating The Meat: There is a liquid in which the sliced meat pieces need to marinate before they can be grilled. The Kaisilver satay recipe provides more information on making the marinate but, you need to give attention to the time element. The meat pieces if cut with the thickness mentioned above, will take around 30 to 40 minutes to soak well in the marinating solution. So keep this time in mind when starting out to make your Thai satay.

    Meat Cooked: When you put the satay with the sticks on the grill, there is a well defined way to check whether they have been cooked. Look at the image of the satay shown above, that is the color that you should see once your Thai satay has been fully cooked. The moment the grill texture gets imprinted on the cooking meat pieces, you know that the satay is most probably cooked. If you are doing this type (grilling) of meat cooking for the first time, you can taste one of the pieces and make sure that they are cooked. Another important thing is that the meat needs to be cooked on medium heat.

    You are now well equipped with the basic knowledge to make some delicious Thai satay. Check out the satay recipe at:

    Thai satay is almost always eaten with satay sauce, so we have included the recipe to make Thai satay peanut sauce too. The satay sauce recipe can be reviewed at

  • Bio Products In Asia, Thailand Makes Rapid Progress In Bio Based Products


    Bio Based Products In Thailand

    Bio Products, The New International Trend Helps Thailand

    The steady increase in the demand for healthy food and environmentally friendly products has brought new developments in the bio based product section. The rapid development of bio products in Thailand has been very impressive. Like most Asian countries, Thailand has abundant resources in terms of climate, land, and agricultural produce - farming is a major occupation in the country. However to make a splash on the international arena with bio products, you need more than raw materials and behind the stage experience.

    Processing of the bio raw materials, packaging, branding and marketing need to be included in the act too. This is where things have improved in Thailand. A visit to the Bangkok Bio Products Fair in Bangkok, Thailand was an interesting experience. The Kaisilver team took time off from the gem stone and jewelry operations and visited the fair. To the people of Thailand, much of the content in the show is quite common and familiar. For example, the use of fruit and vegetable based soaps has been around for more than 2 to 3 decades. These soaps are supposed to improve the condition and color of the skin. What was new about these soaps at the bio products fair was that these soaps were  neatly packed and branded. If an international buyer wanted to link up with one of these soap manufacturers, it would be easy and convenient since most of the work was already done.

    Herbal Based Soaps In Thailand

    One very interesting product at the show in Bangkok was brown (unpolished) rice. Doctors across the world have now agreed that unpolished rice is healthy and nutritious. It is also believed to reduce blood sugar and cholestrol. The high fibre content in brown rice helps keep the digestive system in good condition. Thailand exports tonnes of brown rice to the U.S and Europe, health concious buyers are willing to pay premium prices for unpolished Thai rice. Much of this rice is boiled and cooked to be eaten like conventional polished rice.The bio products show in Thailand has something new to offer, the basic ingredient was brown rice. Easy to cook, brown rice porridge ready packs were on display. A natural fruit flavor was obtained by adding pieces of dried (ripe) bananas. Snacks that are low in fat and salt are also being made with brown rice flour. Such innovations drastically increase the profit margins for the raw material (brown rice).

    We have a comprehensive report with more images of Thai bio products at Kaisilver the world's leading online custom made jewellery provider is not connected with the bio product industry. We neither market nor sponsor any of the items shown in this article or on the website. Our team would love to hear your suggestions and opinions, email us at and we will respond to every message sent to us.


  • Top 100 Names, Popular Names For Boys And Girls

    Popular Names For Boys And Girls

    Great Names For Boys And Girls

    It is common for parents to hunt for names suggestions for their babies. Most of us are stuck with the same name for the rest of our lives, so choosing a good name for a boy or girl is quite important. The Kaisilver team took some time off from jewelry and gem stone activities to compile a very unique and comprehensive report. This report lists the Top 100 Names for boys and girls. The names are related to the United States but should be applicable in all English speaking countries.

    If you browse the top 10 names, the popular boys and girls names that you see are quite expected. For boys names, you have Michael, Williams, Christopher, Daniel and Andrews in the top 10. Similar popular top 10 girls names include regular names like, Elizabeth, Olivia, Ashley and Samantha. What is more interesting is the list of popular names that go beyond the top 10. While some of the names are totally unexpected, others appear as if the entire ordering went wrong! A boys name like Ethan comes well above other popular names for guys like John and James. A totally surprise entry by Hunter at 40 leaves another popular men's name like Richard at 88 and Carter at 89. A study of the most popular 100 girl's names has it's bag of surprises too. The girl's name Mia at 27 leaves other popular names like Jennifer at 37 and Maria at 43. You really must check out the entire report, it is interesting, amusing and could even be useful when you are looking for name suggestions for a baby girl or baby boy.

    Another side of names that has not been covered in this report relates to short names or nicknames. This is one topic that deserves a complete report on it's own, we hope that Kaisilver does work on this too. Many people use their nickname so often and so much that, it becomes more important and known than their real name. For example, the popular men's name Richard almost always becomes Richard. The common girl's name Jennifer becomes Jenny. Christopher a very popular name among guys becomes Chris and ofcourse Michael is Mike.

    We do hope that you have liked this brief posting and urge you to make the time to read the full report at We welcome your comments and suggestions

  • Job Insecurity, Worry Can Make Things Work. Coping And Managing Job Insecurity

    Job Insecurity, Your Fears Could Come True

    If you have this constant worry related to job insecurity, it is very likely that this fear is logical and could become true in the near future. At the same time, worrying about losingh your job might sap your energy and enthusiasm at work. You could work with lower levels of inefficiency, could even become negative and arrogant. These are some added reasons why you could end up losing your job even faster than anticipated.

    At the same time it might not be wise to just stop worrying about job insecurity. A better approach would be for you to understand the fear and prepare yourself for the event. This approach should encompass, two processes. The foremost thing is not to do anything that will aggravate the situation and hasten your job loss. For example, going for frequent interview calls at other organizations during working hours. Talking negatively about your direct boss or other senior management members etc. The second process should work on improving your chances of getting a new job. This is possible if you have better and wider knowledge. You could start attending evening classes for courses that can add to your existing qualifications. It is also possible for you to gain more knowledge at your current job. Try to move around and learn about activities related to other departments. This will make you a person with multi-tasking capabilities. You could increase the chances of being retained in your current organization even if there is a staff reduction program implemented.

    Another important thing to handle stress related to job insecurity or any other problem is to keep a sound mind and sound body. Do not overdo on drinking and smoking, it is dangerous and will not help you in anyway. Maintain an excercise regime, eat well and sleep well. Do not less this feeling of job insecurity work negatively on your family life.

    The website has a more detailed report on this topic, you can read the information at If you find the report to be of interest, do pass the link to your friends and collegues, they will be glad that you thought of them.

  • Crystal Theraphy, What Is It? Does Crystal Theraphy Work?

    Crystal Theraphy, Does Crystal Theraphy Work?

    Crystals are basically gemstones, but not everyone wears gem stone jewelry just because they believe in crystal theraphy. We first of all need to understand the meaning of crystal theraphy. In simple terms, it means using crystals to heal or cure mental or physical problems. For example, it is claimed that wearing a carnelian gem makes a person calm and composed. A black onyx gem is supposed to help a person get over the agony and depression of a personal tragedy. These are two cases where crystals are believed to help the mental condition of a person.

    Sickness like blood disorders, kidney malfunction and even heart disorders are claimed to be cured by using crystals. Wearing a boodstone is supposed to help blood circulation. Amethyst stones are said to help cure various kidney elements. When it comes to this discussion we would like to mention a very important  thing. Never use crystal theraphy as a replacement for professional medical advice. You can treat crystal theraphy as a way to soothe your mind but, holding a gem in your hand the hope that it will reduce your blood sugar level is not only risky, it could be life threatening. Do not use crystal theraphy as an alternative for prescribed medications.

    Most people who believe and practice crystal theraphy, also do regular meditation. This is something that calms the mind and help you control blood pressure by relieving stress levels. Meditation trains the mind to concentrate, it is a means to train the mind to focus on an issue without wavering and without easily getting tired or distracted. Incuding crystals in a meditating routine can add to the interest with which meditation is done.

    The website has some very useful and interesting information related to crystal theraphy. There is no reference to religion or other cultural traditions. This makes it a great read for everyone, check out the report at


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